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DNT Series Table Spot Welding Machine

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Choose from our DNT Series Table Spot Welding Machines, which are specially deigned for fixing the sink board and sink bowl. The DNT-50KVA Table Type Sink Spot Welding Machine has robust design and easy-to-operate mechanism. We can make available the Welding Machine in different models to meet specific welding requirements. All our DNT Series Table Spot Welding Machines are feature-packed and require least maintenance.

  • Manufactured in accordance with international ISO Standard
  • European CE Certified
  • European Type Microprocessor Welding Control has transparent safety cover to protect a keypad and has a lock to allow only authorized personnel to access the program
  • Welding Control maintains main parameters such as welding current; weld time, off time, etc. with digital accuracy
  • Any of 23 weld schedules can be easily selected for execution
  • Rigid Frame of the Machine allows the use as Projection or Spot welder
  • Improved water-cooling system guarantees flawless performance in heavy-duty applications
  • Machine is painted with Lead-Free paint
  • All materials used in design are environmentally friendly


Rated Capacity 50KVA~150KVA,220V/380V~420V-Optional 50Hz/60Hz)
Air Source Pressure ≥0.5Mpa
Electrode Force ≥2.2KN
Welding Table Size 800x1000mm
Welding Table Height 750∼950mm (200mm Stroke)
Welding Gun Type Horizontal Gun or Vertical Gun (Optional)
Welding Gun Length 395mm
Duty Cycle 50%
Cooling Water 4-6L/min or More
Welding Electrode Tip Φ16x50mm (TAPA 1/10)
Machine Size L:1280mmxW:1000mmxH:1890mm
Machine Weight 850Kg

Technical Parameter

Item Rated Capacity Rated Primary Voltage Rated Freguency Max. Secondary Curent Rated Duty Cycle Arm Length Weight
Model KVA V Hz A % mm Kg
DNT-50KVA 50 380-420 50/60 20000 50 380 500

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