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UN Series Butt Flash Welding Machine

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UN Series Butt Flash Welding Machine

We are known as one of the chief UN Series Butt Flash Welding Machine Manufacturers and Exporters in China. Our UN Series Butt Flash Welding Machine is designed in compliance with the international quality standards. High in performance, our UN Series Butt Flash Welding Machine is highly demanded by the global clients.

Main Principle Of Flash Butt Welding
  • The flash butt process starts when the two work-pieces to be welded are clamped by welding jams, still do not meet each other
  • Subsequently, slowly move the welding jaws together. This will increase the welding current density and then the metal material in the gap between the jaws becomes molten, at the same time a shower of sparks also being emitted
  • As the cross-sectional area in the welding becomes extremely hot, the motion is accelerated
  • The flashing also makes the surfaces to be welded together totally
  • Finally, the upset occurs at high pressure, due to which the welding current is cut off

Typical Applications
  • All kinds of dinnerware, cooking knives, and table knives
  • Bicycle rim, motorbike rim, car rim, or similar strip rings
  • Various metal wire and steel strip, construction steel bar and rebar
  • Round, square and rectangular tubes welding into “L” or “T” shape
  • Mitre welding of door and window frames


Model No. Rated Power Rated Voltage Rated Frequency Max Short Current Rated Duty Cycle Max Clamping Force Max Upsetting Force Cooling Water Required Average Weight Over Dimensions L*W*H
UN-50 50KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 19000A 50.00% 4000N 2000N 150L/H 350Kg 100*90*150CM
UN-75 75KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 24000A 50.00% 6500N 3000N 150L/H 450Kg 100*90*150CM
UN-100 100KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 28000A 50.00% 6500N 3000N 150L/H 550Kg 100*90*150CM
UN-150 150KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 32000A 50.00% 8500N 4000N 300L/H 1200Kg 140*100*170CM
UN-200 200KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 37000A 50.00% 8500N 4000N 300L/H 1400Kg 140*100*170CM
UN-250 250KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 45000A 50.00% 12000N 6000N 600L/H 1600Kg 180*120*190CM
UN-300 300KVA 380V/420V 50/60Hz 52000A 50.00% 12000N 6000N 600L/H 1800Kd 180*120*190CM

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